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Can a Newbie Like Me Learn Google Adwords?

Learn Google Adwords


You are probably overwhelmed by all the information about Adwords. Well fret no more. This article can help recharge your enthusiasm in making money with Adwords. It doesn’t take a Harvard graduate or an internet marketing guru to make some money online. Heck I’m doing it. So you want to know what are these Adwords you keep reading about on the internet and can I really make nose extra money using them. Basically Google Adwords it is a text-based system used for advertising on Google’s main page.

The service allows you to create your own ads, choose keywords to help match your ads to your audience, and control the cost of your advertising you pay only when people click on your ad (a cost per click plan). It is free to enroll in this program. Once you are a member, using Adwords is simple.You just sign into your Google Adwords account and start creating your ad.

You only need to fill in three basic sections to create your text ad. First you need a headline, then the body and lastly the web page name you will be sending your customers to.

OK that’s how to create an ad but what are the Adwords? Well the Adwords are the words or phrases that you will need to choose that your potential customers will be searching for on Google. For example let say you are selling wooden baseball bat and you want to have people visit you online store.

Some Adwords you can use might be “wooden bats” or “wooden baseball bats”. So when a person looking for wooden bats does a search on either of these phrases your ad would show alongside regular search results.

The main reason you would start using Google Adword is that you would have the opportunity to almost instantly display your ad to thousands of people looking for the product that you sell.

Using Adwords will allow you to show your ad to many people much faster then waiting for you web site name to appear in the organic search listing. Organic search refers to having you site listed in the non sponsored listing when someone searches for your product. Getting you site listed on the first few pages of Google can take weeks and months with tons of effort.

If you want to make some real money fast Adwords is what you want to start using today. I have done some online marketing by working on getting my site list in Google naturally and I can personally tell you based on my experience that Adwords is 10 times better than trying to get listed the manual way.

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