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Free Methods For Driving Traffic To Your Web Site

How to get free web traffic

Getting traffic to your sites can be free but not necessarily easy.

Let face it, there are not many things left in life that are totally free.

Ok so how much work do you have to do? Not that much. The more you do these tasks the easier they get and the better you get at doing them.  Don’t buy any software or services until you have spent about one month doing these free methods.

Ok so here we go…

Craigs List is the biggest and most recognized free classified ad service on the internet.

But before you can post any ads here you must first sign up. Don’t worry, it’s free. After you get your account you can start posting ads. You can select different ad categories and also the location you want the ad to appear (i.e. Bikes for sale – Boston, MA) One thing you do not want to do is post multiple ad for the same product or service. They will think you are spamming and cancel your ads. To help avoid this change the ad header and the text in the body to look different.

Free Classified ads is another great place to get free advertizing for your product or service. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of online ad sites on the internet. Many are free and some charge a small monthly fee (ex $9.00) to have a premier account. These upgraded accounts give you things like front page listings, highlighted titles, the ability to use html for better back linking and more pictures to show off your product or service.

Some of the big ones out there are Kijiji, EPage Classifieds and USFreeads

Start with these and see how you do. Then you can post to some of the others once you get the hang of it.

Twitter is a blogging site. It’s great for getting the word out quickly about your business or product. When you sign up you are able to create a user name. Pick a name that is synonymous with your business or product.  This will make you look more professional when selling your product or service later on. Getting people to follow you is very important. The best way to do this is start following others. Many people will return the favor and follow back. Once you have a good amount of followers your tweets will reach a large group of people and hopefully share your product info with their followers.

Facebook is the new 800 pound gorilla of the internet.  I think it even has Google worried a bit. What makes Facebook so great is the ability to search for people who may have an interest in your product or service. You can then ask these people to be friends and grow you list of friends over time.  Facebook also has groups and fan pages that offer other avenues of communication with your friends (potential customers).

Forums are not only a way to get free traffic but you can learn many new techniques while browsing them.  Many forums will let you put a link in your signature so it shows up at the bottom of all your posts. This is usually allowed after you have a certain number of posts.  I would say pick a few forums and become active in them by posting about 5 or more posts a day.

Bookmarking sites are like social sites.  They allow you to post information about your interests. This can be a very good vehicle to telling the world about your product or service. Some popular ones are Mixx, Digg and Reddit.

Article writing is one of the best ways to get traffic. It also requires the most amount of work.  Writing one article can take you hours. There is research and then the writing and checking etc… Ok you ask, so what do I do with my article after I write it? Well you submit it to article directories.  There are many directories but you should concentrate on just a few when starting out. Each directory had their rules to submitting articles and you must learn them. Articles can be one of the most powerful methods of getting traffic.

It has a three prong attack. One, the search engines love articles because they are rich with content. Two, you have your link in the signature pointing to your web site. Three people will read your articles and consider you an authority on a topic possible seeking you out for more information and gaining trust in you.

Commenting on blogs is a fun and easy way to get some traffic. Basically you read interesting blogs related to your web site and offer your own point of view. You can find blogs on your topic by searching with OMGILI. Just Google this and use it to look for blogs you can post to.

Free website submissions are a fast and easy way to get you web sites indexed by many search engines.  The submission process is easy and you can usually submit to up to 40 different search engines.  A good place to start is freewebsubmission.

Well there you have it.  There are nine Free methods to help you get people to your site. Pick one per day and work on it for about 2 hours. After time you will start to see the traffic at your door step.

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