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How To Make Money With The Amazon Affiliate Program



Did you know that Amazon has a program that pays you up to 15% of sales when someone refers a customer to the Amazon website and someone buys something.

Sounds awesome to me.

Unlike trying to sell products online using sites like eBay where you have to have inventory and have to take pictures, list the products , package them , bring them to the post office etc…  you don’t have to do that when you are a member of Amazons affiliate program.

Amazon has 40,000 products listed  in hundreds of categories and subcategories.

You can sell thousands of products yet – You have no inventory.

This really cuts down on any work you will have to do, but like they say there is no free lunch. You will need to do some work.

Here are ten good reasons as to why you should become an Amazon Affiliate?


1. Amazon is a trusted Brand – According to Nielson Research, Amazon is the most trusted brand and the number one most popular shopping destination on the web (they just passed eBay this year). Buyers know Amazon –and trust it. And, they spend more money on Amazon on average than any other shopping site.

2. People Buy More than One Item – the great thing about Amazon is that you don’t just earn a commission on the product that you send people to, but anything that they buy once they’re at Amazon. You earn a commission on anything a person buys within 24 hours of you sending them to Amazon. One out of every four shoppers buys more than one item per session.

3. Easy Setup – There are more and more WordPress plugins and third party tools and website builders that have Amazon Affiliate integration built into them. This means you have a choice of automated tools that mean little or no work for you. You can even put Amazon links in your Twitter and Facebook posts.

4. Choice of Payment – Amazon pays their affiliates in a number of ways. You can elect to receive an Amazon gift card, check in the mail or direct deposit to your bank account.

5. Commissions – Amazon uses a sliding scale of commissions that start at 4% and go as high as 15%. (Sell just 4 items per month and your commission jumps to 6%). They have a volume formula so the more items you sell per month, the higher your commission.

6. Small Payments Add Up – See above and do some math.

7. Holidays are huge moneymakers – Its not just Christmas. I always see a big jump in sales on other holidays such as Valentines Day, Mothers and Fathers Day, Halloween and so on.

8. Huge Array of Products — What initially attracted me to Amazon’s Affiliate program was the breadth of products that they had in their system. This is a great thing if you’re niche is narrow or quite obscure as many niche marketers find it difficult to find affiliate programs to match their niche focus. Even if your niche is so narrow you can’t find products, at least there are books about it. Not counting books, movies and music, Amazon has over 40,000 different products for sale in hundreds of categories and sub-categories.

9. Amazon now sells streaming movies –Amazon recently entered the market of streaming video downloads –they will shortly begin selling movies in competition with NetFlix. This can add a whole new revenue stream.

10. Amazon gives great support – Unlike other online shopping and auction sites, Amazon loves their sellers and associates and gives them great support. Stuck with a problem? Amazon will call you on the phone and talk to you in less than 5 minutes after requesting a call.

How To Make Money With The Amazon Affiliate Program

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