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How to Sell On Amazon

Sell On Amazon


Did you ever wonder who all those people are that are selling products on Amazon? Well many are just people like yourself.  All you have to do is sign up for a seller account. There is no cost for setting up an individual sellers account, but there are fees when selling an item.

The fee amount for selling an item is 6 to 25 percent and is called a referral fee. There is also a variable closing fee, and a $0.99 per-item fee are applied when a sale occurs.

It sounds like a lot but it is no worst than selling on eBay. With Amazon there is no Paypal fee to pay since the money is in your Payments account until either Amazon or you move it to you bank account. Amazon will automatically  deposit the funds within 14 days if you do not move it yourself.

The thing i like about Amazon when selling an item is all you have to do is search for that item and if its in the Amazon catalog you just click on the list button and your item is basically listed. See ,you don’t have to write up a description of the item and you don’t have to take any pictures since all that is already listed on Amazon. There are a few things you still have to add yourself like ,Condition (New,Used -Like New,Used -Very Good etc), your price , quantity and shipping information.

There are many differences between eBay selling and Amazon selling. Also the customer are quite different too.

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How To Sell On Amazon

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