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How to Write Your First Article about Your Niche

How To Write An Article

Lets face it even professional writers get writers block. The hardest part about writing is coming up with a topic to write about. But there are ways of breaking the ice.

First just think about a problem you had that you solved. Most likely others have struggled with the same problem and they are looking for an answer. People are always searching for answers to their problems.

Another way to break the ice is to go to forums that talk about your niche and see what people are talking about. Work on coming up with 5-6 different topics of discussion and write them down.

Stick with a topic that you feel you can write passionately about
because of your love for the subject. This will make the writing or the article more fun.

If you still don’t have a subject you feel passionate about you can do random searches online (AOL has a nice colorful site), visit off topic forums, or read online newsletters or magazines related to your field of interest. This type of activity can help you brainstorm.

Ok so let’s get to the actual writing. In order to make the job seem smaller you will break it into smaller chunks.

Here are the main sections:

Your Title:
Basically your title should have the keyword(s) that people are searching for. If the keywords are not being searched for online then the article will never be found and read. The title must also appeal to the people looking for a solution.

A good way to know that you have picked a great title is make sure it sounds convincing to the reader. This can mean you can provide them with a solution to a specific problem. For example “Stop Your Dog From Barking in 3 Easy Steps”

The Content:
In the content you must follow through on the promise made in the title. Write short paragraphs with breaks. Maybe 3-4 sentences per paragraph. This will make the article easy on the eyes of your reader.
The length of the article should be about 300 words.

If you are using Microsoft Word go to Tools – Word count, and it will count them for you. When using keywords a good rule of thumb is use 2 to 3 keywords for every 100 words.

Using too many keywords will make your article look like spam.
Within your content be sure to answer the problem you promised in the title.

Your Resource Box:
The final part of every article is the section that allows you to link back to your site. This is the whole point of the article in the first place, to get a reader to click to you.

So many people will make the mistake of just listing their web site name. This is the only place you have to promote yourself and your websites(s) so be a little aggressive.

If you want someone to click on your web address you should ask.
Tell the reader what to do NOW. If they don’t click now they never will. Don’t be shy!

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