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My Silent Team Review

My Silent Team

Service Description
My Silent Team is a membership program that provides information, resources and support to those who would like to make money with eBay and other online businesses. Once you sign up, you will have access to a team of experts that can help you build an online business. All of the communication with these experts is via the forums.

Detailed Overview
My Silent Team focuses a lot on making money through eBay, though it promises to teach you overall internet marketing skills as well. The program is mostly staffed by eBay experts, and by purchasing membership, you are promised information and resources that will have you making a lucrative part to full-time living through eBay—or perhaps through other online methods.

My Silent Team offers members such benefits as tutorials on the best products to sell on eBay and how to market them effectively, step-by-step videos for building an online business and an ongoing monthly newsletter that provides up-to-date marketing advice. You are also promised tools and resources that will make your eBay marketing and general online marketing efforts easier, more effective and more efficient.

What makes this site great is the bonus pool. This is an area where you have access to FREE information that would cost you thousands of dollars if you purchased it outside of  My Silent Team.  This alone is well worth the price.

Before you jump in with both feet you can join with Trial plan and test drive this site.  For $5.00 you will have 5 days to look around and see if it is for you.

For full membership here are the prices.

1 Year ($59.95 initial fee then billed $119.95 after 60 days)

3 Month ($59.95 initial fee then billed $44.95 after 60 days)

1 Month ($59.95 initial fee then billed $19.95 after 60 days)

My Silent Team has received positive feedback from those who have joined the program and actually implemented the information and resources that it provides. The total number of people who have been a member is Over 4,324.

My Silent Team does not promise instant riches, but if you stick with it and work hard you can create a good income for yourself. Since most of the information you will learn is eBay related this would be a very good place to start educating yourself on how to make money online. This site would be very informative for beginners all the way up to seasoned internet marketers.

My Silent Team

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