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Free Methods For Driving Traffic To Your Web Site

How to get free web traffic

Getting traffic to your sites can be free but not necessarily easy.

Let face it, there are not many things left in life that are totally free.

Ok so how much work do you have to do? Not that much. The more you do these tasks the easier they get and the better you get at doing them.  Don’t buy any software or services until you have spent about one month doing these free methods. Read More…

SEO for Beginners


What is SEO?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means getting your site ranked high on a search engines like Google or Yahoo so you can drive traffic to your site. You may also have seen the term SEM used which simply means search engine marketing. Read More…

How Does Pinging Your Site Help You?

What is Pinging

OMG, it’s another thing I have to do to help grow my online business. Seems like it just never stops. Well don’t fret; this one is easy and free. It only takes a minute or so to ping your blog.

Basically when you ping a site you are just telling different services that you have created new content on your blog or on other sites. These services such as Technorati will crawl and index your site, publishing your blog contents. Read More…

What’s The Twitter?


Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging system that allows you stay in touch with other people on Twitter. You do this by sending short text messages that are 140 characters in length, called “tweets”, to your friends, or “followers.”   Read More…

How to Write Your First Article about Your Niche

How To Write An Article

Lets face it even professional writers get writers block. The hardest part about writing is coming up with a topic to write about. But there are ways of breaking the ice.

First just think about a problem you had that you solved. Most likely others have struggled with the same problem and they are looking for an answer. People are always searching for answers to their problems. Read More…

Beyond eBay – Alternative Auction Sites

Ten Little-Known Highly Profitable Niche Markets on eBay

by Skip McGrath
Has eBay got you down?  eBay is still the 500 pound Gorilla when it comes to online auction sites, but there are some alternatives out there. I have tried a few of these with mixed success. So if you are an eBay seller and want to look around for some other selling opportunities you might give some of these sites a try. Frankly speaking you will probably not do as well as eBay, but if eBay had a little more competition it may help sellers. Read More…

How To Sell On eBay: Frequently Asked Questions by New eBay Sellers

How to Create and Sell Information Products on eBay

by: Skip McGrath

I get a lot of questions from both new and experienced sellers. Here are the common questions I get from new sellers.

As you will see below, these answers are short answers aimed at beginning sellers. As a new seller gains experience on eBay, you will learn that all of these issues are more complex and nuanced and any of these questions can have many answers depending on the given situation.

Read More…

Article Marketing for Traffic

Write articles for web traffic

One of the most effective ways of getting free traffic to your website is writing articles. I know it sounds somewhat daunting to write articles but you can start small and then increase your writings.   Read More…

What is PPC Advertising?

Pay Per Click

PPC stands for Pay Per Click.

PPC is one of the best ways to get your web site in front of thousands of eyeballs fast. You can literally be on the first page of Google withing a matter of minutes. Read More…

Can a Newbie Like Me Learn Google Adwords?

Learn Google Adwords


You are probably overwhelmed by all the information about Adwords. Well fret no more. This article can help recharge your enthusiasm in making money with Adwords. It doesn’t take a Harvard graduate or an internet marketing guru to make some money online. Heck I’m doing it. Read More…

PPC Coach Review

PPC Coach

Service Description
PPC Coach is a membership site that provides detailed PPC training to Internet marketers. There is training on everything from niche market research, writing ads, picking offers, and setting up landing pages. PPC Coach provides expert training on everything you need to succeed with pay per click advertising. Read More…

My Silent Team Review

My Silent Team

Service Description
My Silent Team is a membership program that provides information, resources and support to those who would like to make money with eBay and other online businesses. Once you sign up, you will have access to a team of experts that can help you build an online business. All of the communication with these experts is via the forums. Read More…

Chris Farrell Membership Review

Chris Farrell Membership

Product Description
Chris Farrell Membership is a site created by a guy named Chris Farrell for people who are serious about learning Internet marketing and making a significant ongoing online income. In his membership program, Farrell promises to take people from beginning Internets marketer to successful Internet marketers with solid support and valuable help along the way. Chris Farrell Membership requires paying a monthly membership fee, but Farrell claims to always work to make it worth the money. Read More…

What is WordPress?


WordPress is software code that will make you look like an expert web developer. Once installed the software will allow you to build and maintain a website or blog with ease. It was first created to make it easy to set up a blog.

Read More…

How to Better Target your audience without Google

Facebook ads

With the proliferation of social websites also come new arenas to advertise to your potential customers. While search engines like Google, Bing and ASK are still good ways to reach your customers, social networks are offering better ways to target your customers with demographics like age, gender, location, religion and many more attributes that search engines just can’t do. Read More…

How to use an Autoresponder To Build A Customer List

AWeber - Email Marketing Made Easy

If you have any type of business odds are that you will always be looking for new customers.  One of the best ways to acquire and then stay in contact with your customers is with an autoresponder.

Autoresponders allow you to communicate with virtually an endless number of customers with very little effort. Once your customers sign up to your list, communication with them is a cinch. Read More…