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PPC Coach Review

PPC Coach

Service Description
PPC Coach is a membership site that provides detailed PPC training to Internet marketers. There is training on everything from niche market research, writing ads, picking offers, and setting up landing pages. PPC Coach provides expert training on everything you need to succeed with pay per click advertising.

Detailed Overview
There are so many eBooks, membership sites, and courses out there on the market that claim to help you make money with pay per click advertising. But many of them are so outdated, do not give you much support, and don’t give you a solid strategy you can follow with success. PPC Coach is a membership site that does not leave you hanging after you pay. They will really help you.

This site has a vast number of video training, articles, tools, and even coaching from experienced PPC marketers. There is a step by step video program you can follow if you’re a beginner or an intermediate PPC marketer. One thing I liked a lot was the different places you can advertise. There are sites I never even knew had advertising opportunities.

The next big part of PPC Coach is all the tools you will have access to. There is a campaign creator, keyword organizer, keyword wrapper, content network tool, landing page generator, and calculators to help you figure out your profits. The campaign creator is a huge value because there are programs out there selling for hundreds of dollars doing the same thing. It helps you group keywords, write ads, and launch with no difficulties.

The biggest benefit of the membership is that there is a coach available to help move you forward. You can ask questions and ask for feedback if you find yourself stuck with a problem. The coaches are experts in PPC marketing and they are always available to help out the members.

They have 3 great pricing options for you right now. The $1 trial is great for checking things out cheaply, the monthly fee is still the same as when they opened over 2.5 years ago and the yearly subscription gives you a HUGE discount.

You can pay by the month at $49.99 per month, join for 14 days for just  $1 on a trial membership or pay for the whole year at $420 and save $180.

PPC Coach has received positive reviews from both experts in the industry and customers. The training materials address the needs of the beginner as well as the experienced marketer, giving it a good balance. The forum members are really willing to offer their advice by telling you what’s working and what’s not working. I highly recommend this membership if you are involved with PPC in any way. PPC Coach

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