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Tracking Your Web Traffic For Free

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Wow so now you have your new shiny website up and running and people are flocking to it. But where are these people coming from you may ask. Well it could be lots of different places. And you need to know. Don’t worry it is free and easy to find out.

They can be coming from your PPC campaigns, organic search results, Facebook ads, Twitter posts, article sites etc.  So why do you have to know were all these nice people are coming from? Well knowing where can help you get more traffic to your web site.

If you see a lot of people coming from one place you may have a winner.  When one source of traffic is sending a small amount of traffic maybe there is room for improvement there. Just to let you know traffic does not necessarily mean buying customers. This article is not about getting buying customers but just tracking traffic.

Ok, so where’s the beef you ask.  Let me tell you some free ways of tracking your traffic.

 There are plenty of places that you can pay for, but you can do just as well with free services.

 One of the best is good old Google. All you have to do is sign up. You get a free account by signing up with your email. Once you sign in go to Analytics. Here you can enter all your domain names and start tracking them. Before you can track any of your sites you must get tracking Code from Google and embed this on your home page.

 This is what gathers all the data you can see on Google Analytics. Now you can see where all your traffic is coming from. It can tell you if it came from Google, Yahoo, Twitter etc.  Other information available is the number of visits from people, average time on your site and what keywords were used to search for your site.

 A second service you can use to track your traffic is statcounter. This is a service that charges but you can use the service for free with less tracking history.

 For someone just starting out this is enough to get you started tracking your traffic. Statcounter has many different reports to see how and where you traffic came from.

They also have Keyword Analysis, Search Engine Wars and Visitor paths.

 One thing I really like about Statcounter is that you can have all your traffic stats emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly. This is true with the free version too. I would highly recommend that you start tracking your sites to get a better idea about all your visitors.

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