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What is Page Rank?

Page Rank

Basically Google Page Rank is a system for ranking Web pages used by the Google search engine.

What is Page Rank?

The system was developed by Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page as students at Stanford University. While In the context of their researches Brin and Page checked the idea that if a search engine will determine the most relevant pages according to the relationships between web sites, it should be more effective, then other search engines of that time.

The range used to rate a web site is pr0 (this is the worst) to pr10 (the best).

PageRank is not the only factor when ranking a page for search results. Content and proper keyword selections are also very important to the Google search engine.
Also high PageRank does NOT guarantee a high search ranking for any particular term. If it did, then PR10 sites like Adobe would always show up for any search that you do.

Facts about Page Ranks

Here are some facts about page rank;

1. One-way inbound links from other websites with topics related to your website’s topic will help you gain a higher page rank.

2. One way inbound links from pages with high page rank but unrelated topics do help a little, but not nearly as much as websites with related topics.

3. The number of links outbound from the website that links to you also determines the value of the link. A related website with 10 outbound links that links to you is much better than a related website with 100 outbound links that link to you.


Every search engine has its own ranking system. People are concern about PR because Google is one of the most frequently used Search Engines on the internet. To see what your site’s pr is go to Backlinkwatch dot com.

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