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What’s The Twitter?


Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging system that allows you stay in touch with other people on Twitter. You do this by sending short text messages that are 140 characters in length, called “tweets”, to your friends, or “followers.”  

Before you can start Tweeting you must sign up and become a member. But don’t fret, joining Twitter is free. Once a member you can start following other members. These members can be newscast sources, individuals you know, business or celebrities.

When any other accounts you are following send a tweet, the message will appear on your homepage.  This will give you real time updates as they occur.

You will also start to see that others are following you.  So now when you send a Tweet it will show on the home page of all the people that follow you.

This type of communication is like texting but with multiple people at once.  Because of all the Tweets you will be receiving you can actually miss a lot.

So what the heck do I tweet. Some people just write random information like “Good Morning”, “I just walked my dog” or “It’s raining in Seattle… again”.

If you own a business you can use your Tweets to tell the world about your products or services. But don’t over do it. Too many Tweets will be considered spam and others fill stop following you.

Instead of spamming about what you sell, Tweet helpful information and tips that will grab people’s interest and want to follow you.  This will lead to a long term relationship and allow you to sell your products at a later time.

The more time you put into Twitter, the more followers you will have. In order to gather many followers there are ways to find them so you do not have to wait until they find you.

On the top of your Twitter page there is a tab called “Find People”.

There are a couple of ways to find others here.

Find on Twitter – Search by people’s names, companies etc. that have a Twitter account.

Browse Interests – There are about 20 different categories here such as News, Twitter, Family, Fashion and more.

Find Friends – This allows you to search by using any contacts you have on Gmail, Yahoo, LinkedIn or AOL.

Well there it is. Go sign up now and start Tweeting your fiends and family.

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