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Hi, and welcome to this FREE site that will show you ways that you can make money online.


There are no get rich quick schemes here as you will have to learn the ropes and then work hard applying

them to make the money.


Please take a look around and see how you can earn extra money using places eBay, Amazon and affiliate marketing.

How To Use Paypal

How To price Your Item On eBay

Bidvertiser – A way to target your audience

If you would like to place your ads on web sites related to your product and audience take a look at Bidvertiser for an ad platform.

How To List Your First Item On eBay!

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Free online Classified sites


When advertising your business online you don’t have to spend a lot of money to attract  customers and make sales.


I have compiled a list of some of the top classified site in this blog.


All you have to do is sign up and start placing your free ads today!

Read More…

How To Save Tons Of Money Shopping Online


How To Save Tons Of Money Shopping Online.

Over 20 sites that can help you save and make some extra money.

This ebook will show you many ways to not only save money but ways you can actual make some
extra money.


This is a 21 page ebook that you can download instantly.


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How To Save Money on Shipping

Save money on ebay shipping

By: Skip McGrath

If you are going to run a profitable and professional eBay and/or web site business, you will need to package and ship your goods professionally. No one likes to receive their “eBay treasure” in an old cereal box or shoe box stuffed with your last week’s newspaper. This does not mean that you have to always use “new” supplies. Recycled boxes and packaging materials are fine as long as they are in good condition. Read More…

How to Sell On Amazon

Sell On Amazon


Did you ever wonder who all those people are that are selling products on Amazon? Well many are just people like yourself.  All you have to do is sign up for a seller account. There is no cost for setting up an individual sellers account, but there are fees when selling an item.

The fee amount for selling an item is 6 to 25 percent and is called a referral fee. There is also a variable closing fee, and a $0.99 per-item fee are applied when a sale occurs. Read More…

What is Blogging?


a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also : the contents of such a site


Blogs appear on the news pretty often these days. For example, a reporter is tipped to a story by a blog, or a blog reports another angle on a story. Blogs show up in magazines a lot, too.

But there is a good chance you have never seen a blog (also known as a weblog) or experienced the blogosphere. What are blogs? There are now millions of them — where did they all come from?

One of the things that is so amazing about blogs is their simplicity. Read More…

How To Make Money With The Amazon Affiliate Program



Did you know that Amazon has a program that pays you up to 15% of sales when someone refers a customer to the Amazon website and someone buys something.

Sounds awesome to me.

Unlike trying to sell products online using sites like eBay where you have to have inventory and have to take pictures, list the products , package them , bring them to the post office etc…  you don’t have to do that when you are a member of Amazons affiliate program.

Amazon has 40,000 products listed  in hundreds of categories and subcategories.

You can sell thousands of products yet – You have no inventory.

This really cuts down on any work you will have to do, but like they say there is no free lunch. You will need to do some work.

Here are ten good reasons as to why you should become an Amazon Affiliate? Read More…

What is Amazon FBA? (Learn here)

Page Rank

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. Basically how this works is you send your items that you would like to sell directly to Amazon’s warehouse. When one of your items sells they do all the work for you. Amazon will package and ship it for you.

This makes life so easy since you can be sleeping or on vacation and you don’t have to do a thing. There are some cheap courses out there that will teach you a little about this money making opportunity but i found one that will give you all the

information you will need to start selling quickly and learn all you need to start making a profit fast. This will require some work on your part as there are no easy ways to make money on the internet.

To learn more about FBA to help you make money just click here or on the image in this post.

How to Use Comments To Grow Your Business

Post comments

Leaving comments on other’s people’s blogs is one of the best ways to generate free traffic to your website. The first thing you have to do is find the blogs that attract the people you are going to be selling to.

How to Find Blogs:

One easy way to find blogs related to your product or service is to search for them. There is a site called OMGILI dot com that you can use for free to find blogs related to your topic.

There is also software product that you can buy that will help you find what you are looking for. Read More…

How To Pick A Domain Name For Your Business

Domain names

So you are ready to create your first website or maybe add another one to your internet marketing arsenal. Well before you just ask your spouse or friends what they think you should name your domain read the ideas in this article.

The first thing you should think about is what is the name of your web site, and be sure to match it with your domain name. For example if your web site is named Jelly Beans try to buy a domain name that has the words jelly beans in it. Something like www.MyJellyBeans com or www.WhoLovesJellyBeans. com.

My guess is the site www.jellybeans. com is taken. Ok let’s move on to how to pick a domain name. Read More…

What is Page Rank?

Page Rank

Basically Google Page Rank is a system for ranking Web pages used by the Google search engine.

What is Page Rank?

The system was developed by Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page as students at Stanford University. While In the context of their researches Brin and Page checked the idea that if a search engine will determine the most relevant pages according to the relationships between web sites, it should be more effective, then other search engines of that time. Read More…

The ABC’s Of Paid Advertising


These days there are so many different acronyms it can make your head spin. In this article I will talk about some that you should be familiar with if you plan on using any kind of online paid advertising to promote your business or affiliate products. Read More…

What Are Backlinks And How Do I Get Them?

How To Get Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the top ways to get traffic to your websites. It’s simply where other sites are pointing back to your site by having your domain address listed somewhere on their site. Read More…

3 SEO Plugins for WordPress That You Must Have


We all know that once our blog is up and running it needs to be helped when getting into the search engines. Let’s face it simply building a blog is not enough. If you want visitors you must go get them. Read More…

Tracking Your Web Traffic For Free

Web Traffic Visitors

Wow so now you have your new shiny website up and running and people are flocking to it. But where are these people coming from you may ask. Well it could be lots of different places. And you need to know. Don’t worry it is free and easy to find out. Read More…